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Real Inside Out Guide To Being Yourself

An interview with Clare Dimond, author of REAL: The Inside-Out Guide to Being Yourself

Meet Clare Dimond, she works every day with individuals, schools, businesses and organisations to help them see what is behind their ability to thrive. Real: The inside out guide to being yourself, is her first book.

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Woman Driving

If this then that – why life is the way it is!

I titled this piece, If this then that, after an automation service that businesses and individuals can use to reduce the manual processing of ‘data’ and other actions. You decide what you want to automate, for example I might decide that I need to update a database when someone fills in a form on my website. Normally, I’d get the information by email and then copy and paste it into my database, but ITTT automates the task, leaving me with precious time to do something more interesting instead.

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