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Social Media Marketing

The world is a’changin as the song goes; and this is even more in evidence when we consider the massive alterations that access to the Internet has given us in terms of connecting information and people together. In to this world we have added richness in the form of social media. It can sometimes feel that we’ve been catapulted into a world where we can literally talk to anyone anywhere at any time – and what’s more, we don’t even need to know them first. The rules of the game, it seems, have changed.

Or have they?

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MYTH: If I write it they will come; REALITY: No they won’t

I’ve been wandering round a few blogs recently because of various activities I’ve been involved in, I’ve also been social media spotting too and there seems to be a bit of theme developing. Perhaps I ought to explain further before I try and head into this post! Working as a social media strategist I often advise clients to work with the social networks, to write blog posts and to share on the social networks; I hope I take them through a process which involves them learning how to ‘have a conversation’ in whichever network they happen to find themselves.

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Social Networking Courses Now Available

I often trawl around the web trying to find out how to use the many tools that I come across in a way that is relevant for both of my businesses.  However, like many, I am often frustrated by the time it takes to figure things out and then apply them Рonly to find that there might have been a better way to do things after all.

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Business confusion over Internet Marketing

The face of business is changing constantly; greater numbers of businesses are heading onto the web as a source of both clients and business. But all too often I’m told that they are frustrated by the technology and the choice of what to do and how to do it. What often follows is a torrent of frustration, the quick and dirty version is often something like this:

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Why Social Networking Works For Business

There has been an explosion of Social Networking sites in recent years and suddenly we are all being asked to be someone’s ‘friend’, whether we know them or not.   The biggest issue that most businesses I come across have with these services though, is the time.  The time taken by employees who are viewing the sites, the time to find out how they work and then the time it takes to establish them as appropriate communication methodologies for a marketing campaign or strategy. Quite often what happens though, is that most businesses give up before the seeds they have sown have had a chance to shoot. 

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Benefits of Internet Marketing

I’m often asked why a business should bother with Internet Marketing and it’s actually a very difficult question to answer, because it really depends on where a business is starting from, what they are hoping for and how it fits into their overall strategy.  However, there are often some common themes and I thought I’d just list a few of them here to get us going – with the plan being to expand on these in the coming weeks.

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