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Meet Gail Aldwin, author of the short story collection, Paisley Shirt

Hi, this week I’d like to welcome Gail Aldwin to the Thursday Throng. Gail writes every day and loves to see her stories change direction and become more textured through redrafting and editing. Alongside the slog of completing a novel, she enjoys playing with short fiction and poetry.

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Meeting Tracy Fells, Winner of Hysteria 2013

This week it’s my great pleasure to welcome Tracy Fells to the Thursday Throng hot seat. Tracy was the winner of this years Hysteria 2013 writing competition with a story called Fibonacci’s Tree. She was also a runner up in last years Hysteria 2012 competition and has had success in several significant short story competitions over the years.

You can read her winning entry over on The Hysterectomy Association website here: hysteria-writing-competition/fibonaccis-tree-winner-hysteria-2013/

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Night Shift – A Short Story

Tom pulled the bedroom door gently closed behind him, not wishing to wake anyone at such an early hour.

He prided himself on his consideration for others, constantly checking and re checking that he was not causing a problem or offence to anyone who came within his vicinity.  He was the type who would dry himself in the shower or bath before stepping on to the bath mat so the next person would have a dry mat to themselves.

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Friday Fictioneers – Reality brought forth

On Tuesday I posted about how I felt about negative reviews on Amazon UK and amongst the many comments received was one from a friend of mine here in Dorset, Harvey Taylor (of who suggested, rather than abandon fiction altogether that perhaps we consider writing something together, starting with a short story. So, this week’s offering for Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers challenge is a collaborative effort between Harvey and I; I wonder if you can spot which line belongs to which person?

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Up until very recently I’ve only ever written factual, ‘how to’ and non-fiction works; then I discovered a completely different voice and found ‘FICTION‘. In fact I’ve now completed my first novel as well.

I also thought that I’d only ever write fiction if it were full length works; when I was introduced to something called Flash Fiction by the amazing Madison Woods I was hooked on the short, short story format and now take part in Friday Fictioneers as often as I can. Nowadays, Friday Fictioneers is curated by the lovely Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields.

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