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James Tingle

An interview with James Tingle, author of Mervano

Hi and welcome to an interview with Jame Tingle, author of Mervano. James is from Huddersfield and has written four novels to date – three of which form a trilogy. Mervano is is fourth comedy detective novel with a sci-fantasy twist.

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Meet Sarah Ashwood, the author of Aerisian Refrain

Hi everyone, and this week I’d like to introduce Sarah Ashwood to the Thursday Throng. Sarah is the author Aerisian Refrain, a science fantasy novel about a musician who finds herself in another world. Sarah is the author of many works published in a wide variety of anthologies, magazines, and webzines, as well as several novels.

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Nicholas Bridgman A Character In Reality

Meet Nicholas Bridgman, author of A Character in Reality

Hi and this week I’d like to welcome author and musician Nicholas Bridgman to the Thursday Throng. Nicholas is the author of A Character in Reality, where the lead character (Detective Robert Gladstone) really does come to life. As he works through the intricacies of the case, he gradually becomes more and more human.  The novel follows Gladstone’s adventures in gaining consciousness, adjusting to the real world, and learning insights about being human.

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An Interview with Ryan Hartung, author of Lightning: Book 1 (World’s Divide)

This week I’d like to welcome Ryan Hartung to the Thursday Throng. He’s the author of four books altogether, three in the World’s Divide series so far and another titled Spurious. The background to World’s Divide is of worldwide war between the East and the West driven by the cataclysmic divide between the richer western nations and the poorer East.  However, shadowed behind the veil of impending war is new evidence suggesting the Greek and Roman gods of legend might have been real after all….. Lightning is the first of the series.

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Welcoming Fiona Ross, author of Far Out, to the Thursday Throng

This week I’d like to welcome Fiona Ross to the Thursday Throng hotseat who is giving away a free ebook copy of her book Far Out. To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is leave a comment at the end of this post. Fiona lives in the West Country and had always wanted to be a writer and her favorite genres are science fiction, horror and mystery/supernatural.

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