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LinkedIn Recommendations Made Simple

I’ve already had a rant on this blog about the people who do reciprocal recommendations.  Now, I’d like to introduce you to a colleague of mine, Michelle Fischer of Creative Leadership, who has a really nice way of looking at this very subject.  She calls it the art of ‘saying it forward and you can read more about it on her Creative Leadership blog.

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Never IDK on LinkedIn

There is a facility within LinkedIn to say that you don’t know someone if they send you a connection request, it is ‘affectionately’ known as IDK – you may well have seen it on some people’s profiles or even in the email requests they send you.  However, use it only with caution because when you do there is every chance that LinkedIn will penalise the person who has sent the request, particularly if it has happened more than three times.

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Small changes

It would be true to say that small changes, undertaken regularly can lead to huge changes over a longer period of time.  Let’s take the idea of writing a book for instance, say one about LinkedIn 🙂  You might start by spending just a few minutes thinking about the sort of things that people might want to know.  The next day you could take that one stage further and write down the chapter headings.  Under each chapter heading you might have some section titles, and then you  might write a paragraph or two about each one.  In no time at all you have a book and yet, you may only have spent a very short period of time each day on writing it.  Now, you may wonder why I’m telling you this.  The reason is that art of social networking is all in the connections you make and the relationships you build with those connections.

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Changing the world 1 book at a time

Is it possible to change the world just one book at a time?  I honestly believe so, which is why I launched a challenge to myself that started yesterday to sell 200,000 copies of my e-Book, LinkedIn Made Easy, in just 30 days – I’m on day 29 already, so the clock is ticking ….. fast!

Why would I set myself such challenge you might ask?  In fact I do too on occasions, but in short it’s because I want to PROVE SOCIAL NETWORKING DOES WORK FOR BUSINESS – do you think I’ve shouted loud enough there?

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Improving your LinkedIn profile

Have you ever done a people search on LinkedIn?  If you have or if you’ve taken part in any of the discussions or questions, then you will have noticed that a description shows up underneath the name.  Which means that this is your instant opportunity to reach out to someone, without them having to go and read your entire profile first.  Something interesting will entice a reader to visit you, perhaps contact you or even do business with you.

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Inclusive Capitalism

I’ve had some really interesting conversations today by email with some pretty amazing people both on, and off, LinkedIn.  As I hope has become already evident, my overall aim with everything I do, is to empower people to do things for themselves.  It’s the reason I picked the charities to work with that I did and the reason The Hysterectomy Association works the way it does; and it’s also the reason why I work the way I do with Grow A Better Business.

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LinkedIn Etiquette – Recommendations

At the end of last week I received an email from a colleague who had been sent a request for a recommendation along the following lines:

Dear xxxxxxxx, I’m sending this to ask you for a brief recommendation of my work that I can include in my LinkedIn profile. If you have any questions, let me know.  Thanks in advance for helping me out.  -xxxxxxxxxxxx

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