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The importance of asking for reviews

A week or so ago I wrote a post about the importance of adding an About the Author page to your books, especially if they are ebooks. They should contain lots of lovely links to anything else you have written plus your own websites. It seems that the CEO of Goodreads, Otis Chandler agrees with me. Which is always very nice 🙂

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On being an Amazon Best Seller – the reality behind the hype

Update: 15/04/12 Following a conversation with a friend, I updated this post because he had read it quite negatively and actually the story isn’t negative. When I became brave enough to actually see how many books there were in each category I was being listed as a best-seller. At the end of each listing you can find the numbers of books in each category that I’m listed as a Best Seller in and some of them are quite impressive; I mean #53 out of almost 10,000 is pretty good by anybody’s standard. So I think I’ll give myself a pat on the back.

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Where are my readers? And other infrequently answered questions for Authors.

Last week I introduced you to the concept of creating a marketing plan for your book with the post  … and on the subject of a Marketing Plan for Authors! You will need to read it before we carry on as it introduces you to six important helpers in your arsenal to get your book into the right hands.

This week I’d like to consider the question that many authors have but usually don’t ask and almost certainly never get answered, and that’s finding the elusive place that your potential readers hang out in.

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How networking changed my life AND my business

About four years ago I decided that I would re-join the ranks of the self-employed and set up a consultancy business that was focused on giving other companies the knowledge and skills to use the Internet and the web more effectively to grow a business.  I called it Grow a Better Business which now, four years later it has merged into another called Internet Mentor.  However, the important thing about this was not the fact that I started this business, it was that I happened to live in Dorset which is one of the few counties where the Business Link service (soon to be defunct) provided real and tangible value to local business people.  That value could be summed up in just two phrases ‘BusinessXchange‘ and ‘Rural Clubs‘. These were two networking groups (one breakfast and one supper) where you could go to meet others just like you.

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The Final Day of the 30 Day Challenge

Well what a 30 days it’s been.  To say that I have been seriously challenged myself would be an understatement and I have learnt an amazing amount about a great many different things, some of them are personal and some of them are business and marketing focused.  I have however, not managed to reach my target of £400,000 in 30 days, in fact I’m just a shade short of it …. by just about £399,660 🙂

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