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Changing the world doesn’t have to be through the ‘big’ stuff

Way back in 2012, I wrote a post on this blog about ‘storming the castle’. That post was supposed to be the beginning of sharing with readers the journey I’ve taken over the last 23 years with the Hysterectomy Association.

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Asking for reviews and feedback for your books

If there is one thing I’ve learnt over the years of working with the t’Interweb, it’s the importance of asking for feedback. I do this all the time. For instance when women are in touch at The Hysterectomy Association, I’ll ask them if they wouldn’t mind completing a feedback form; when someone contacts me to tell me how much they enjoyed one of my books, I’ll be cheeky and ask if they wouldn’t mind adding a review to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Goodreads.

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Hysteria, it’s not funny on HRT or How do you change a life?

At the beginning of 2011 I started my journal for the year with a question to myself which I’ve asked many times over the years previously but this time thought that it warranted a little more effort and thought to answer than I had previously applied.

The question was ‘how do you change a life?’  As the year progressed and I worked my way through 2011 and my journal I discovered three insights that have helped me to understand the question and it’s possible answer a little more. Before I share the answer with you though I thought I’d share a little story.

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The achievements that matter in life

When you are paid a compliment, no matter what it is or from whom you receive it, it makes you feel great.  You get a lovely warm glow inside that makes you go ‘ahhhhhhh’.  Even if you are one of those who find it difficult to accept, you still feel a million dollars and as if all the world is paying attention to just you.  Well I’ve been paid the most amazing compliment by a whole bunch of people who really matter to me.  The ladies of the Hysterectomy Association, who are the stalwarts of our forum and the Hysterectomy Association Facebook page have said publicly that they like me and it not only gives me that glow, it also makes me cry – quite a lot actually! In fact I haven’t stopped crying off and on since I first heard.

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Changing the world 1 book at a time

Is it possible to change the world just one book at a time?  I honestly believe so, which is why I launched a challenge to myself that started yesterday to sell 200,000 copies of my e-Book, LinkedIn Made Easy, in just 30 days – I’m on day 29 already, so the clock is ticking ….. fast!

Why would I set myself such challenge you might ask?  In fact I do too on occasions, but in short it’s because I want to PROVE SOCIAL NETWORKING DOES WORK FOR BUSINESS – do you think I’ve shouted loud enough there?

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21st November 2009

Two days to go till D-Day.  The project to sell 200,000 LinkedIn Made Easy e-Books in just 30 days starts formally on Monday 23rd November.  The Information Scientist in me also needs to keep a record of what happens during this period of great change too, so I’m going to start with basic stats about what ACTUALLY happens in each daily diary entry.  If there is anything you think you might like to see me record too, then let me know and I’ll keep track of that too.

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