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Creating the perfect author business card

Many years spent running my own business and attending hundreds of networking events over the years have taught me the importance of having a great business card. However, many authors and writers don’t tend to think of themselves as ‘being in business’ and as a result often neglect one of the essentials in a marketing toolkit.

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About the Author – why it matters in your latest book

If you’re like me then you probably have a whole load of different books on the go. I’ve a pile that consists of the review copies for my Thursday Thronger’s, business books, social media analysis and fiction in a variety of genres. With just a couple of exceptions, I rarely follow specific major authors. If they don’t have an About the Author page then I might miss out on reading other things they have written, if I enjoyed the book I picked up. With one, there is every chance I might just go and get something else from them too.

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Top Ten Suggestions for Promotional Book and Author Postcards

I’ve been around and about on the web for more years than I care to remember and I’ve been given lots of reasons why most people should abandon the real world and focus only on their online marketing. The reasoning is that you’ll have a greater opportunity to find the people most likely to be interested in your products and services; to an extent this might be true, but it’s no reason to ignore those people who:

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101 Book Marketing Ideas for Authors

101 Book Marketing Ideas for Authors is my way of trying to make sure I keep on track with my marketing activities. As an independent author and publisher it’s often easy to forget or overlook some of the basic activities that could propel your book up the listings. This is going to be a work in progress, and when I complete a new idea I’ll make sure that the link is added to this page.

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The Top 10 Facebook Pages that Authors and Writers Should Be Following

Whilst I have mixed feelings about Facebook, especially in light of the way they are now requiring Page’s to pay to promote their updates to all their ‘Fans’ (see this article for more info if you’re interested: posts-on-facebook-pages-not-showing-to-everyone-that-likes-you) it is still a force to be reckoned with and provides some great benefits to people who become active on it to support their business.

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How Authors and Writers can use LinkedIn Effectively – Applying LinkedIn Applications

UPDATE: This post has now been superceded by a post about the use of Rich Media in profiles. LinkedIn removed all applications from it’s platform in December 2012.

This is the second of my mini series that aims to give writers and authors a better understanding of how they can use LinkedIn more effectively to promote themselves and their work. Last week we looked at how to create a killer profile that contains everything you need to stand out. This week I was to focus on two other areas: Apps for your profile and one of the two real powerhouses of the LinkedIn platform, Groups.

Of course, this article will give some great to tips to everyone who wants to use LinkedIn effectively, but it is specifically directed towards authors and writers.

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Marketing for Authors and Writers

If you’ve followed this blog for a few weeks now then you probably will have noticed that alongside my writing I’m a social media strategist by profession. I have my own web design and social media management company and I’m forever banging on about how to do this, that or the other when it comes to promoting our books. Now, this doesn’t make me an expert by any means but I thought that perhaps it might be worth sharing on a single page the various posts that might be loosely termed ‘marketing’ of one sort or another.

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How Authors and Writers can use LinkedIn Effectively – Your Profile

I’m a big fan of LinkedIn, so much so that I even wrote a book about it called LinkedIn Made Easy, but that’s another story 🙂 In that book I have a range of ‘recipes for success‘ which explains what people can do to achieve specific objectives on this most professional of networks. However, it seems I have been remiss in not providing a recipe for Authors and Writers who want to make the most of LinkedIn too.

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