Which flavour do you prefer? Wordpress.com or Wordpress.org

WordPress is the ice-cream of website development software with two different flavours to choose from. The vanilla, if you like is the free and hosted version you’ll find at wordpress.com (like this particular blog); the strawberry is the self hosted version you download and host yourself that you can pick up for ... well ... … Continue reading Which flavour do you prefer? WordPress.com or WordPress.org

Please help me to help you get your message and writing to a wider audience

I'm going to make a huge assumption here and that is that you are hoping that your writing will eventually pay off in some way and that you aren't doing this just for the love of writing. I could be wrong but writing for the sake of writing, without any sort of recognition of 'success' … Continue reading Please help me to help you get your message and writing to a wider audience

The art of social organisation …

I titled this blog post (very loosely) the art of social organisation, not because I'm about to preach on about how everyone can get on the social networking bandwagon and create an amazing organisation for themselves and their businesses (which I do believe they can); but because I needed to get my own social networking (read blogging in particular) under some sort of control. You can find out what I did by reading the blog post .....

The perfect set of widgets

The widgets I'm referring to are those you can find on WordPress.com. So many widgets, so little time. Just which ones do you pick to make very best use of the opportunities that arise. I can't make my mind up between displaying pages or not, having a category cloud or a category widget (I've gone for the later incidentally). The problem is that each widget you use makes your page longer and longer, that's not a problem on the home page as I display my most recent 10 posts, but when a reader visits a page like this, then there's an awful lot of white space at the bottom of the page.