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Brightly Coloured Horses Mandy Huggins

Meeting Mandy Huggins, author of Brightly Coloured Horses

This week, I’d like to welcome Mandy Huggins back to the Woman on the Edge of Reality. Mandy first appeared here after taking part in the Hysteria Writing Competition and then volunteering as a judge in the flash fiction contest. She is an award winning writer of flash and short fiction and this is Mandy’s first anthology of Flash Fiction. 

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Pieces Like Pottery Dan Buri

Meeting Dan Buri – Author of Pieces like Pottery

Hello after a few weeks away and I’d like to introduce Dan Buri to the Thursday Throng. Dan is a writer who has recently published his first collection of short fiction, Pieces Like Pottery. It’s an exploration of heartbreak and redemption and the San Francisco Globe recommended it to readers and saying, “It hits you in the feels.”

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Cath Blackfeather

Meet Cath Blackfeather, Hysteria Writing Competition 2015 finalist

Cath Blackfeather is a poet and finalist in the 2015 Hysteria Writing Competition Poetry category. She has just had a collection of short stories and some poems accepted for publication by Three drops from a Cauldron Some will appear on their e-zine and some in print editions at various times over the coming year. She is Canadian but was brought up in England and now lives Berkshire.

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Hysteria 4 Janet Lees

Meeting Janet Lees – Poetry category finalist

Please welcome Janet Lees, one of the Hysteria 4 Poetry category winners. A freelance copywriter for many years, she rediscovered her love of poetry. Now published in journals including  Magma, Poetry News, The Missing Slate and Right Hand Pointing. She has also taken part in and created video poems and has been selected for various international festivals, competitions and art prizes, including Filmpoem, the Aesthetica Art Prize, the Neo Art Prize and the Ó’Bhéal International Poetry Film Competition. Finally, in 2014 she represented the Isle of Man in the BBC’s Poetry Postcards project.

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