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Ten steps to a LinkedIn Profile

There are TEN key things you should consider when writing or updating a profile on LinkedIn:

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LinkedIn Marketing

You’ll find below my attempt to gather everything together in one place that I’ve ever written about LinkedIn and you are welcome to use it for marketing yourself, your books and other products and services. The most recent posts are at the top, the oldest at the bottom and I guess it could be kind of fun to see how both I, and it, have changed over the years. Some of the posts are here on my blog, others are on other sites I’ve written for; but they are all about LinkedIn.

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The Demise of the LinkedIn Application and the Rise of Rich Media Content Instead

Since the summer, the way that LinkedIn has been ‘doing’ profiles has changed significantly; firstly we had the introduction of Skills, and then of endorsements; we’ve had the option to add extra sections to our profiles for a while now, including publications, courses, qualifications etc … However, the biggest change has been in the demise of the LinkedIn Application, which happened just last month.

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LinkedIn Endorsements vs Recommendations

There has been a lot of activity on LinkedIn recently with the introduction of their brand new feature, endorsements. It’s the logical extension of a profile that now lists the skills that people have. But what exactly are skills (as understood by LinkedIn), and what are the endorsements that go with them? And how do they compare with Recommendations?

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Managing your Connections on LinkedIn with TAGS

This post was inspired by a tweet from a local friend of mine here in Dorset, Matt Desmier, saying “I’ve just been perusing my LinkedIn page. Whilst I *know* all of my connections, when does my network become too big to be of use?” My response (eventually) was to say that the network is probably not too big, it just needs management and had he tried using Tags. I haven’t heard back yet but thought it might be worth exploring in a post as it’s one of the most common questions I’m asked about how to manage LinkedIn effectively.

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Which LinkedIn Groups are best for Authors and Writers

Yesterday, I wrote about how LinkedIn doesn’t seem to figure that highly on the radar of many authors I come across. I surmised that this was because they may not realise just how useful it could be to them and I have made it my mission to help change that view into something a little more positive. You can find more of my LinkedIn posts on the Marketing for Authors Page.

Today I want to introduce you to the best LinkedIn Groups for Authors and Writers – it was going to be ten but I’ve whittled it down to seven on this post. I may write another post in the future with some more listed but I’m monitoring them at the moment so don’t want to include them unless I can thoroughly check them out.

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