bur you are in france madam

Meeting Catherine Berry, author of But you are in France, Madame

This week, we have writer Catherine Berry on the Thursday Throng. Catherine was introduced to the French language at high school in Australia, but had no idea that this would dictate many of her life choices.  Her French love affair re-emerged several years later due to a series of lucky coincidences. These ultimately led her and her husband to set out on their French adventure with their three children in tow. ‘But you are in France, Madame’ is their story. Continue reading

living in italy stef smulders

Meet Stef Smulders, author of Living in Italy, the Real Deal

HI everyone, and this week it’s the turn of Stef Smulders, an expat living in Italy with a lot to say about living in a foreign country. Stef, his partner Nico and their dog Saar emigrated to Italy to start a new life and set up their B&B Villa I Due Padroni. They sold their home, left their friends and family behind and took a leap into the unknown. In, Living in Italy, the Real Deal, Stef shares his experiences of emigration: buying and renovate a house, importing a car, becoming resident, and much more. Continue reading

Nicholas Bridgman A Character in Reality

Meet Nicholas Bridgman, author of A Character in Reality

Hi and this week I’d like to welcome author and musician Nicholas Bridgman to the Thursday Throng. Nicholas is the author of A Character in Reality, where the lead character (Detective Robert Gladstone) really does come to life. As he works through the intricacies of the case, he gradually becomes more and more human.  The novel follows Gladstone’s adventures in gaining consciousness, adjusting to the real world, and learning insights about being human. Continue reading