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Facebook for Entrepreneurs – Five Top Tips

It would be difficult to imagine anyone who hasn’t heard of Facebook these days. It is one of the worlds top social networking sites, regularly trouncing even the mighty Google in the rankings. And yet, most people still think of it as something for the younger generation, where they talk about their latest adventures and mis-adventures with their friends. It is true that the vast majority of people use it purely to keep in contact with the people that they know, and yet, there is an vast untapped reserve of opportunity awaiting those who decide to take it one step further.

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5 top tips to help me blog more effectively

The kind people at have just sent me a link to my ‘Year of Blogging 2011‘.  An opportunity to review my activities on my blog, Woman on the Edge of Reality. When I read through them I must admit to be a little disappointed in myself and then I realised that I could easily do better. I haven’t been as active on my blog as I could have been and I have regularly posted about ‘doing better’ or ‘writing more’ and have yet to achieve both of these aims. So why promise something if I’m unable to deliver?

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