waking lazarus derek williams

An intereview with Derek Williams, author of Waking Lazarus

D.J. Williams was born and raised in Hong Kong, has ventured into the jungles of the Amazon, the bush of Africa, and the slums of the Far East. His global travels have engrossed him in a myriad of cultures, and provided him with a unique perspective that has fueled his creativity over the course of a twenty year career in both the entertainment industry and nonprofit sector. In his latest novel, Waking Lazarus he has written an epic global adventure filled with riveting characters and page turning twists and turns. Think Jason Bourne meets Homeland. Continue reading

my journey through war and peace melissa burch

Meeting Melissa Burch, author of My Journey Through War and Peace

Melissa Burch was a filmmaker, producer and former war journalist for the BBC, CBS, and other networks. Her team was one of the first documentary crews in the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War, and a story about her in Afghanistan was featured in The New York Times. She was in her twenties when she traveled with the mujahedeen, filmed an attack on a Soviet convoy, slept with an Afghan commander, and climbed 14,000 foot mountains in the Hindu Kush. Continue reading

rena favis

An interview with Reyna Favis, author of Soul Search

Hi everyone, and this week I’d like to introduce Reyna Favis to the Thursday Throng. Reyna spent more than a dozen years as a drug development genomics scientist before turning to write fiction full-time. Her previous publishing history includes scholarly articles. When not writing, she responds to callouts as a canine handler for search and rescue. She lives in Warren County New Jersey with her husband, a search dog and a coterie of pets. Continue reading

bur you are in france madam

Meeting Catherine Berry, author of But you are in France, Madame

This week, we have writer Catherine Berry on the Thursday Throng. Catherine was introduced to the French language at high school in Australia, but had no idea that this would dictate many of her life choices.  Her French love affair re-emerged several years later due to a series of lucky coincidences. These ultimately led her and her husband to set out on their French adventure with their three children in tow. ‘But you are in France, Madame’ is their story. Continue reading