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The Game Begins

Meet Rebecca Howie, author of The Game Begins

This week, I’d like to introduce Rebecca Howie, author of The Game Begins. Rebecca describes herself as “a procrastinating writer from Scotland who prefers spending her time in fictional worlds rather than the real one.”. The Game Begins is her first novel and was published in February 2016. It reached 16th in the Amazon Teen and Young Adult Detective category within a month of its publication. 

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Powered By Health Cover

Meet Amanda Bigelow, the author of Powered by Health.

Today is the turn of Amanda Bigelow to meet the Thursday Throng audience. Amanda is the author of Powered by Health, the high achieving woman’s guide to health, vitality and a new life full of possibilities. Amanda describes herself as “driven, over achiever who thought little about my health”. She was forced to focus on her health when stress and chronic fatigue came calling, leading to a complete health transformation and change of lifestyle and work.

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Meet Sarah Ashwood, the author of Aerisian Refrain

Hi everyone, and this week I’d like to introduce Sarah Ashwood to the Thursday Throng. Sarah is the author Aerisian Refrain, a science fantasy novel about a musician who finds herself in another world. Sarah is the author of many works published in a wide variety of anthologies, magazines, and webzines, as well as several novels.

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