hysteria 5 cover


Between Monday 13th and Friday 17th February, you can download a FREE copy of Hysteria 5 from Amazon Kindle here:

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hysteria-5-Anthologies-Linda-Parkinson-Hardman-ebook/dp/B01N0KR0IK

US –¬†https://www.amazon.com/Hysteria-5-Anthologies-Linda-Parkinson-Hardman-ebook/dp/B01N0KR0IK

You don’t need to have a Kindle reading device to get it either – download the free app from Amazon to your phone or tablet and start enjoying reading at any time.

Hysteria 5 is the anthology of the best entries, and winners, of the annual writing competition for women run on behalf of The Hysterectomy Association. Categories include Flash Fiction, Poetry and Short Stories.

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