Last week I suggested that I might have a go at writing a new piece of fiction in public. One of the reasons behind the challenge was the hope it would force me to work on it as I can be a little lackadaisical about my writing.

The project has a working title of The Music Master. The idea for it came from of a piece I wrote for Friday Fictioneers a couple of years ago Music to My Ears. At the time I wrote the first part quite quickly, but then didn’t know where else to go with it. Two years on and my thoughts have developed and I now have a plan, of sorts.

The story revolves around three characters, each telling the tale from a slightly different perspective. At this moment in time I believe it’s going to be a crime novel; but sometimes characters decide to take matters into their own hands, as a result I fully expect it to end up somewhere else instead.

Please bear with me; the novel is going to be written as it comes out and this will not be the final structure so it may chop and change a little as I rework things. It’s also very raw and this will first draft is written as quickly as possible to get to a point where I have something to really get my teeth into and re-work. Writing like this means there will be grammatical errors, the timing may be off and I may miss key facts. It will also be a little like watching the out-takes from a film and not everything will make it into ‘the director’s cut’.

I’ll maintain this page as the core page that links to each piece as I post it. You’ll also be able to follow the story by clicking on The Music Master category.

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