Ten steps to a LinkedIn Profile

There are TEN key things you should consider when writing or updating a profile on LinkedIn:

  1. Your heading – as with any news story, this is often what is seen first and it needs to describe YOU, in your own voice. You could even consider asking a question in your heading – this can be intriguing to readers
  2. Ask for recommendations from colleagues, clients and others that know you well
  3. When you add your website addresses, don’t forget to use them in the link. Too often they say ‘website’ rather than http://www.yoursite.com
  4. Your summary is the equivalent of your 1 minute elevator pitch. It should say who you are and what you do – not the specifics, but how you enable others to gain the best from their business. Therefore, you don’t say ‘I sell cars’, you say ‘I get people from A to B faster’. It is also appropriate to add your goals in here too.
  5. Don’t forget your specialities too – these are key words and phrases that describe your skills, knowledge and experience and can be used to find people like you easily.
  6. Explain the context of your experience – many people won’t know what ABC Widgets Ltd do or did.
  7. Explain the context of your education as well, especially if it’s relevant to what you are doing now
  8. Use the additional information section. LinkedIn is about people and relationships, therefore, show your readers that you are, in fact, a real person. But, don’t go overboard, this isn’t Facebook, so it doesn’t require a warts and all expose.
  9. Add a good, professional picture of yourself, people like to see who they are ‘talking’ to and you’d be surprised at the number of people who remember the name, but can’t just bring you to mind.
  10. Update your contact settings to let people know what you are interested in.

You can see my profile by clicking this link.

linkedin made easy pro advert

I'm always interested in what people think and love having a debate so why don't we have a chat :-)

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