Self Presentation in social intelligence

Self presentation is another of the skills that underpins social intelligence.  It is made up of a variety of factors that include such things as charisma, assertiveness, self confidence and self control.  However, as Daniel Goleman points out self presentation without the necessary substance to back it up is no substitute for skills and expertise.  In other words, you have to walk the walk as well as talk the talk …..!

In business self presentation is becoming known by another phrase as well, that of ‘personal branding’ in fact it’s the very thing I often work with clients to develop.  In this arena, presenting yourself as the expert and demonstrating that expertise are inextricably linked, you cannot do one without the other unless you wish to create dissonance in the way in which people perceive you.  You will know of companies who whole brand is built around one person – many of the social networks operate in this way, the person BECOMES the business and BECOMES the brand.

In my opinion, if you have expertise or knowledge then developing Self Presentation through building a personal brand is almost a requirement for both a business and an individual.  Let’s take John Doe (fictional character) as a for instance.  If he has in-depth knowledge and great skills it would make sense for the business that employs him to encourage him to use a social network such as LinkedIn, this is because the network is about people connecting with people and their business would benefit from having a ‘front man’ operating on their behalf.  In other words, a business can use Self Presentation in the personal sense to help them build their own profile.

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