I was sent a quick quiz by singlehop.com to celebrate data privacy month. Unfortunately the month has passed, but it’s still a relevant thing for us all to have a look at.

Just read the questions on the image below and score yourself according to the answers you give – you check how well you do at the end.Data Privacy Month Quiz

You can find out more about data privacy month and how to help protect yourself and your family online on the website http://www.educause.edu/blogs/vvogel/data-privacy-month-2015

There are two different aspects that must be considered when approaching your online safety: are you protecting yourself and are companies that you trust protecting you? Once that information is submitted, where is it going? Companies using secure dedicated private clouds to store your sensitive data are protecting you from the unknown. Secure servers protect stored information, making it harder for hackers to gain access, whether remote or physical.

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