Be An Author is not a ‘how to’ book – it’s a ‘what would it be like if …’ book. In its pages you may just find what you need to inspire and motivate you to fulfil your potential as an author. If you’d like to be in with a chance of grabbing a copy for yourself, all you need do is leave a comment at the end of this post.

Last year I stepped into the world of publishing other people’s work for the first time through my publishing imprint Crystal Clear Books. The book is called Be An Author: What would it be like if you write your book? and it’s by Anne Orchard. Those of you who have been visitors for some time may well remember that Anne featured in the Thursday Throng last year with her first book, Their Cancer your Journey.

be an author, anne orchardCreativity and self expression are wired into the human psyche. As a fledgling writer you may have burning questions about your place in the world of publishing as it is now:

  • How do I know if what I have to say deserves to be published?
  • Should I try to find a publisher or self-publish?
  • What might life be like after my book is in print?
  • What is a reasonable goal for my book, and can I achieve it?
  • How on earth will I find the time to complete my book?

Be An Author addresses these questions and more through a series of interviews with other authors, just like you, who are writing and promoting books today. Some of these authors are published others are self-published, what they have to say about the experience is both enlightening and encouraging.

Paperback – from Amazon UK
Paperback – from Amazon US
Paperback – direct from the distributors
eBook for the Amazon Kindle
eBook for the Barnes and Noble Nook – coming soon
eBook for the Sony PRS – coming soon
eBook from the Apple iStore – coming soon
eBook for the Kobo – coming soon

For those considering writing a book, or for those who have already begun, this is a concise guide to encourage your personal journey to becoming an author. A nice addition to any writer’s shelf.” Ellis Nelson

14 thoughts on “Be An Author: what would it be like if you write your book? And Giveaway

  1. to be an author… that’s a thought. There’s an old martial arts saying, the thought proceeds the action, then through practice the thought becomes the action.


      1. I wrote a friday fictioneers serial that I thought I could flesh out. I have 30 or so 100 word storyboards to look at. But is it scary… sometimes.


      2. So that’s about 3,000 words – the ideal length for an Amazon short priced at 99c. Why not string them together and we’ll have a look at putting them up into the wider world – not published by me as I’m concentrating on women only – but I’m happy to help you work through the process Bill.


  2. Congratulations fellow new publisher! I love seeing my authors books come out and I love when I’m able to offer them a contract! I like this unique twist to an author’s life! I think I’ll have to have a look!


      1. I think that’s a universal wish for all us writers …. one of these days, we’ll be able to have micro-chips embedded that catch those fleeting thoughts …! In the meantime I’ll have to remember to use the lovely notebook I carry around with me all the time 🙂


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