Thought I’d share another few writerly tidbits that I’ve happened across on my travels around the web recently, starting with one I spotted today.

I spotted this update from the Guardian called Writing Books Isn’t Supposed to be Fun .. and wondered what your take on that statement would be. You can read the full article here:

We are almost at the start of April and looking forward to the first of the big dates of the writers calendar, yes I’m talking about World Book Night on the 23rd. I’m lucky enough to have been chosen as a distributor for one of the books, which just happens to be a favourite of mine too; it’s Alistair McCall Smith’s first No 1 Ladies Detective novel. I’ll be trawling the streets of Puddletown looking for willing recipients of my 20 copies too. You can find out more about the events going on around the globe at:

Whilst he’s not the first criminal to have taken to writing, perhaps this is the most interesting topic. Apparently a convicted drug dealer from Bristol has been sentenced to writing a 5,000 word essay on the dangers of using marijuana.

Oh, and I have a favour to ask. If you have ever been mentored by anyone or been a mentor yourself please would you take a survey I’m running. It shouldn’t last more than 4/5 minutes and I’d be inordinately grateful. It’s anonymous if you prefer too and you can find it here:


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