Okay folks, well it’s time for the fun that is Friday Fictioneers ….! Ta Da! Once again I’d like to say a huge thank you to the amazing Ms Rochelle for organising the event. If anyone is new to the capers, then you really do need to head on over to her place at Addicted to Purple and find out how to join in. I’d also like to say thanks to Janet Webb for providing us with such a fab piccie to work with. The usual rules apply, the copyright is Janet’s and shouldn’t be used in any context other than this without her express permission. And so, on to my contribution itself…


Picket Fence

All my life I’d dreamed of a covered porch with a swing seat and white picket fence around the property. Looking at the rundown, decrepit old house I saw images of what it would become once I’d worked a little light magic on it.

It never occurred to me when Uncle Bill died that I’d inherit his house; it came as quite a shock to my cousins too. I think they thought I’d done something I shouldn’t have; to be honest, they were close to the truth but had missed the point.

That nasty little secret remains a secret still.

(100 words)


If you’re interested, you can find all my fiction pieces on my blog here: Fiction Central and Friday Fictioneers. You can get involved by visiting Rochelle the All Knowing and Lovely at: rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/

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29 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Swing Seat and Picket Fence

  1. If she didn’t use her maybe-not-so-light magic to get rid of him, I was thinking of uncle-as-pedophile as one possibility (remember, this is FF) or another possibility I don’t even see.

    Have a great weekend,



  2. Very deep, I thought Linda. Definitely sounds like he had more of an interest in her than he should – something that does unfortunatley happen. I hope she can enjoy the inheritance without constantly being reminded of bad times.


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