Over the next few weeks I’m going to be taking part in some wonderfully diverse events and it would be lovely to catch up and meet you there, if you can make it that is.

13th February – Marketing Folk Tales. I’m going to be sharing my experiences of using social media to solve problems and build an engaged audience at this Chartered Institute of Marketing event in Bournemouth. I’ll be sharing the stage with four other presenters who will each have their own stories to share. The event takes place at the St Leonards Hotel, Ringwood in Dorset. You can book here: www.cim.co.uk/52175

6th March – NatWest Bank Networking Evening. I’ll be one of two presenters at this inaugural networking event with the NatWest Bank in Dorchester. I’ll be talking to local business owners about the ups and downs of social media for business, giving them some hints and tips about what they can do to get started and improve.

7th March – Weymouth Chamber of Commerce.Β Social Media – What’s all the fuss about and how can you make Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter work for your business? I’ll be presenting three half hour sessions to businesses focusing on how they can use LinkedIn more effectively. There will be two other sessions on Facebook and Twitter as well. Why not check it out and come along if you’re free. You can find out more here: businesseventsindorset.co.uk/event-registration/?ee=280

11th March – The Entrepreneurs Hub. The lovely Stevie and I will be doing a joint presentation at The Entrepreneurs Hub. Following on from a wonderful session in February on Goals. Our session will be about the gap between setting a goal and actually acting on it. Visit to find out more about this evening event. For more information talk to Laura McHarrie

13th March – Exposure Lecture Series (Budmouth College). This is joint session for pupils and business owners alike and I’ll be exploring the myths that surround age vs experience when it comes to social media.

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