I was hovering around Madison Wood’s blog today and noticed that she had tagged me in a post called The ‘Look’ Challenge. When I read more I realised that it was an attempt to make writers more aware of the frequency with which they use particular words, in this case the word ‘look’.

These are the rules:

  • Search your manuscript for the word “look,” and then copy the surrounding paragraphs into a post.
  • Give a little background on the scene if you’d like.
  • Tag 5 other writers who’re working on, or who’ve completed a manuscript.

When I checked my most recent novel, I was horrified to see just how many times I’d used the word look or a derivation of it. In the first two pages alone I’d used it 11 times – which tells me that next time I write I need to pay more attention to improving my vocabulary, my Weekly Word should help with that – in time!

This new novel is called Living Through the Medium of Facebook and is about an author called Jenny Gee.

So the background is Jenny is trying to finish her latest novel and Alex, her agent, is worried that she’s going to overrun the deadline AGAIN!.

Mmmmm I know but you did cut it a bit fine, just turning up on the doorstep out of the blue on the day we needed to deliver it! It’s a good job you’re a great writer because I don’t know any other publisher that puts up with that sort of thing from an author’.

He smiled as he felt the tension break and he could almost see Jenny on the other end of the phone smiling too

Look, why don’t I pop over and take you out somewhere lovely for supper and we can talk about what Jennifer and Michael are up to and you never know we might come up with an ending between us’.

Jenny recognised his attempt to make her feel better and conceded defeat, it might be nice to go out and play for a while; this bloody novel was taking far too long and taking too much out of her to get so wound up about it all.

That would be lovely Alex but I’m already going out with Karen and John tonight, another time perhaps?’

And now I’d like to tag five other writers I know who may be working on a  brand new manuscript. If I’ve tagged you and you don’t have a manuscript (or don’t have time to participate) it’s okay.

My five writers are:

woman on the edge of reality newsletter

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