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The Thursday Throng Author Interview, is a weekly event that showcases an indie author (in most cases – I do accept authors from small publishing houses too). The purpose of the interview is to introduce the author to a new audience rather than a book promotion per se. This set of guidelines is designed to help both the authors and me and I’ve broken it down as far as I can and included the interviews that are coming up in the future. You can find past author interviews by clicking here.

 If you’d like to take part – just fill in the author questionnaire at the end of this page and I’ll get back to you.

What Could You Expect from a Thursday Throng Interview?

After interviews have been published, I’ve heard from authors who have sold books immediately after both directly and indirectly; and I’ve heard from authors who have gained new clients and enquiries about work as a result of seeing them in the interview. I can’t say that every author has the same experience because it depends on many things, but one thing can make a big difference is offering a giveaway of some description.

The Interview

The purpose of my style of interview is to provide a platform primarily for the author, and rather than their book/s; this is because I’m very interested in people, what makes them tick and what interests them, therefore the questions I ask reflect this.

The way it works is that I send over a set of questions and you must answer the first one, you then pick between five and ten of the remaining ones – it’s entirely up to you which ones you choose to answer; personally, I love the more interesting ones as this can be far more enjoyable for the readers.

Book Reviews

I’m afraid I no longer write book reviews.

Essential Elements

I need a good head and shoulders photo of you, the author, as everyone will want to see your lovely face; and I need a good quality image of your book cover. The final essential elements are the links to your website, books on Amazon and any social accounts (Twitter, Facebook) you might have.

Further Support

I tweet about the interview regularly through the week and then on an ad-hoc basis thereafter and I add you to my new Thursday Throng Twitter list. The interview also goes to my Facebook Page and is added to my LinkedIn account as a status update; it may also go to a group or two on LinkedIn that I’m a member of. Finally it appears on my Goodreads author account as a new blog post. If you have a Twitter account I’ll follow you, and if you have a Facebook page I’ll come and like you too.

I add all Thursday Thronger’s to my email newsletter list. Most months I send out an email newsletter with information and links to posts on this site, useful information about writing and publishing across the web and updates and news from my past Thursday Thronger’s. It’s a great way to get your updates to a broader and different audience than usual.

Next steps if  you’d like to take part

  1. Fill in the interview questionnaire below
  2. Send me a head and shoulders photograph
  3. Send me a book cover image

Author Interview

Linda Parkinson-Hardman

Social Entrepreneur and Founder of the Hysterectomy Association; Social Media Strategist at Internet Mentor; Speaker; Writer and Author of Eight Books; Blogger at and all round diva. Phew what a lot for a Thursday afternoon :-)

You can find out more about me (and perhaps connect) at

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  1. Hi Linda! So delighted to have found your author/book blog through The Book Blogger List. I just submitted a request to have Science of Parenthood’s first book, The Big Book of Parenting Tweets, reviewed. (We released it 2 weeks ago and it’s holding steady at #4 on Amazon’s Hot New Parenting/Family Humor Releases list.) If you like to laugh, I know you’ll enjoy this fast, funny read full of tweets from the funniest Twitter comedians ever to diaper a baby or stare down a sulky teen. I created Science of Parenthood with my partner Jessica Ziegler and we would be delighted to do an interview with you. Looking forward to hearing from you at your convenience. All best, Norine Dworkin-McDaniel

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