This post is for the weekly challenge set by Madison Woods called Friday Fictioneers. The idea is that you submit a 100 word flash fiction story that is associated with the picture challenge added the previous Wednesday. You can find out more, and see the picture, on Madison’s Blog here:

The wall yielded to the hammer; the blows rained down by her frustration were frantic and angry venting her fury at a situation she had found herself in which was entirely of her own making.

Paper ripped from the exposed joists hung loosely  now that support had been removed; the paste no longer enough to keep it in place.

Her dreams had shattered as this wall was disintegrating now; dreams of love and life and happiness supplanted by thoughts of hate and death and loneliness. But she would not be the only one to suffer, once this wall fell another  of brick and plaster would replace it; stronger and sturdier than the original and with the sole intention of hiding her former lover from the world’s view.

39 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneer’s – a wall to keep a secret

    1. LOL! I think I came across another early one that implied to me that we are all connected – walls and humans so perhaps the wall and hammer are related too 🙂


  1. I agree: Hell hath no fury… Good job of showing a jilted lover’s frustration and anger–and the fact she did something about it. Thanks for the comment on mine.


    1. You’re very welcome and thanks for the return – I love doing something about things, not sure I would personally go this far, but maybe it’s my psyche talking 🙂


    1. That’s an interesting comment and just shows how differently people read things as when I’d written it I had thought he was already dead but that he soon would be. 😉


  2. In the 1st paragraph she states that the situation was entirely of her own making. Sounds like she knew this man was no good from the start. Looks like she will put an end to that problem!

    I see you pick up on the Masonic language in mine. You’re the only one that noticed that–good catch.


    1. That’s what happens when you love someone that you know doesn’t love you I guess. I think I might like to take the whole premise a little further and see what really happened in the story.


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