I’m introducing a brand new section to the blog and I’m going to call it the Weekly Word. Most of the time it will come on a Monday morning but this week it’s going to be Friday – other things got in the way this week unfortunately!

So, the plan is that I share a word of the week and people can submit the unusual, imaginative or completely accurate usage of the word in a single sentence or a paragraph.

This weeks word is ELOQUENT it is an adjective pronounced ‘e-lo-kwent’

It means to have forceful, persuasive and fluent expression in speech or writing; or to be movingly expressive and/or revealing

Examples of the word ELOQUENT
  1. Her success was an eloquent reminder of the value of a good education and hard work.
  2. An eloquent speaker or author is able to persuade others to adopt their point of view.

Origins of the word Eloquent

It is a middle English word originally from the Latin ēloquēns, from ēloquī meaning to speak out, which comes from loquī to speak]. It’s first known use was in the 14th century.
The idea of the Weekly Word comes from Toastmasters International which is a speaking club I belong to. Each meeting we have a Grammarian Role and the purpose of the role is to try out new words that stretch our vocabulary as well as to monitor and report back on people’s use of language. If you’d like to find out more about Toastmasters groups in your area then you can visit their website at: http://www.toastmasters.org/

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