What an interesting outcome from the social media in recruitment survey, there are some very surprising results which require a lot more analysis, but here is the bare bones version.  A much fuller report will be available after the Christmas Holidays as it is going to take some time to tease everything out of the information that Michelle Fischer and I now have.

  1. The vast majority of companies recruit for less that 5 vacancies per year
  2. The most popular ways to recruit are Job Boards and Employee Referrals
  3. BUT – social media is EQUAL with the use of recruitment agencies coming in third place for popularity
  4. The vast majority of companies spend less than £500 on recruitment – regardless of the position being filled
  5. Almost 90% of respondents said their companies had used social media within the business
  6. YET just over 50% have used it in recruitment
  7. The top driver for using social media in recruitment is ‘reducing costs’
  8. Overwhelmingly though, businesses do NOT have a policy in place for using social media in their business – isn’t this a bit risky perhaps?

Keep an eye out in the New Year for the complete report and analysis which will also be emailed out to respondents who have requested it.

2 thoughts on “Social Media in Recruitment – Initial Results

  1. Sounds as if companies are just dipping their toes in the water. Some of my clients look sideways when I ask if they are on Twitter etc. Mind you, when I show them my Stats showing Twitter referrals, that seems to make them sit up and listen.

    Very interested in seeing full report in New Year.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year,
    NB: Have RT’d tweet


  2. You are quite right Steve, they are just dipping their toes in the water and yet, just looking over the results in a very cursory fashion shows that we are probably at a tipping point and I predict that 2010 will see a huge influx of this type of relationship marketing with some new applications coming online too – very, very exciting I think. Thanks for the RT too and Merry Christmas Back. Linda


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