Export your LinkedIn contacts

Did you know that you can export your LinkedIn contacts?  This is the perfect way to provide a bit of security in the event that something happens and your account stops functioning for some reason.

If you are logged in to LinkedIn you can simply follow the link to Export LinkedIn Connections and follow the on-screen instructions.  If you aren’t logged in, or you wish to do it later you will need to click on Contacts in the left hand menu bar and at the bottom of the page – underneath the list of names box – you will find a link that says Export Connections.

Things to bear in mind though.

It would be very easy to use this as a way to send unwanted emails to all the people who are your number 1 connections, but think carefully before you do this as they may not want to receive email from you and may, remove you from their contacts list if you do so.

Will you be infringing any data protection legislation if you send email to these names?  This is probably not quite as cut and dried as it may seem as people sign up to LinkedIn for one reason, but might feel entirely different if their details were being used for something else.

How would you feel if someone sent you email out of the blue?

Today’s Project Statistics

  • The total number of books sold since Tuesday – 18
  • The number of books sold online – 18
  • The number of books sold for directly to people instead of online – 0
  • The amount of money raised for charity – £36
  • The amount paid out to affiliates too – £7.00
  • The number of LinkedIn connections I have – 419
  • Some basic website statisticss, such as number of visitors and pages viewed so far today – Visitors – 97, Pages Viewed – 352

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