Change YOUR business in 30 days challenge

I’d like to challenge you to make a difference to YOUR business by using LinkedIn more effectively in the NEXT 30 DAYS. ¬†Running along side my own LinkedIn Made Easy 30 day challenge to raise ¬£400,000 for charity in 30 days, I thought this would be a great way for YOU to concentrate your efforts on your business to make the change that needs to happen.

So, what can you do in just 30 days to make a difference to YOUR business in just 30 days by using LinkedIn more effectively:

  1. How about creating a more compelling and interesting profile
  2. What about participating in discussions or asking and answering questions that are YOUR current business issues
  3. How about asking ten extra people to join you on LinkedIn
  4. What about contacting your current contacts to let them know what you are doing and why
  5. Why not approach someone with an offer of help for THEIR business

If you’d like to do something, but aren’t sure what you can do then I’d recommend that you buy the e-book, LinkedIn Made Easy to help you get going today.

3 thoughts on “Change YOUR business in 30 days challenge

  1. Anne Orchard says:

    Hi Linda,

    What a brilliant challenge. I am already expanding my network using what I learned from you – and today I had one of the most connected people on LinkedIn contact me with a message saying ‘nice profile’. This would not have happened without what I learned from you, so thanks. For anyone who would like to connect with me on LinkedIn and share what they want to achieve, my profile is at


  2. admin says:

    Thanks Anne. If there is one thing I’ve learnt just in the last seven days of doing my own challenge, is that it takes YOU to make the first move. Sitting back and waiting for people to come to you, just because you’re there isn’t going to work. It looks like as a result of the extra work you’ve been putting in on LinkedIn that it has paid off already. Congratulations. Linda


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