Well, what a day it’s been today.   Not long after putting up my FIRST TWO BOOKS sold blog post last night I discovered that there was a potentially nasty legal issue which I hadn’t forseen – silly really, as I’d only been talking about the self same thing just hours earlier.

Anyway, as a result, the whole site has now been moved; lock, stock and barrel to a completely new domain – and it took just over four hours to complete the move …… that’s the beauty of a content management system like WordPress I guess.

This was after getting up about four hours after going to bed to go to The Brilliant BusinessXchange breakfast meeting in Bournemouth where I launched this project to a partially excited audience – that is some thought I must be mad, some thought it was great and others probably paid little attention, but that’s not a problem – there’s another three books sold now and tomorrow, after I’ve slept off the marathon last night, the early morning and the lack of food, I shall start on the serious marketing of the project.

I'm always interested in what people think and love having a debate so why don't we have a chat :-)

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