6 thoughts on “Just makes you think!

  1. That’s an amazing presentation. Really makes you stop and think….. just mind-blowing stats. Just one thing…. How do I know what I see and hear on items like this are verified and true. It would be good if it referenced source material wouldn’t it? That’s the thing with the internet, REALLY powerful stuff, but a bit like reading a comment in a newspaper, it’s an opinion.


  2. The stats are available and have been verified – if only I could just find them!!!!!! Needless to say they come from a variety of sources. I’m thinking of doing one on conspiracy theories – I wonder if it has any mileage?


  3. MMMMMMmmmmmmm
    So many to verify too. It’s not as though its just one claim, its an endless stream of them.
    Maybe the point is to just make you ‘think’?


  4. I guess so, brilliant title for a blog post though! There are so many of these things available – I was thinking just today about the one about the global village – might just post that one here too.


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