I’m a member of toastmasters, since I joined in June this year, I’ve managed a total of ONE speech (the ice breaker – not for want of trying you understand, simply that life gets in the way.  I was supposed to do my second speech at the beginning of September but was asked to refrain as we had too many at that meeting, so I tried it at the end of September, but I had a sore throat, not a good idea if you are planning to talk in front of a group of people.

So, tonight is the night  when I do my second speech.  I’ll let you know how I get on

If you’d like to see the first speech I did, The Ice Breaker, then you can download it here.

UPDATE on Wednesday night’s speech – It went OK, at least I enjoyed it and the feedback I got from the audience was brilliant, the feedback from my mentor wasn’t quite so positive – but hey, it’s just an opinion!

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One thought on “Toastmasters

  1. Actually, Linda’s mentor loved her speech. She was excellent and although his comments were just an opinion (like belly-buttons, we all have one) and not everyone will have shared them, Linda is already such a good speaker, that to progress to become a great speaker, the comments about improvement will seem like nit-picking to some. Linda’s speech was well-structured and interesting to her audience – including her mentor; I know because I am that mentor:)


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