Does anyone else remember that famous line from The Hitchikers Guide to Galaxy by Marvin the paranoid android – “life, don’t talk to me about life”.  Well, that’s just about how I feel right now; as well as very, very, very tired due to a very, very, very late night last night sitting up talking with a friend until 5.00am this morning, sitting in pink pj’s, cuddling a hot water bottle and drinking camomile tea with honey in it.  I never noticed how close to being Bridget Jones I actually was, but last night confirmed it for me big time!

Anyway, I also never realised how much love I had in my life until last night either – I am surrounded by people who love and care about me; friends and family who will always be there no matter what the situation, problem or celebration.  I very much hope that I am equally generous with my love, care and attention as well simply to repay, in kind, that which I am given in spades.

By the way, I’m now also on facebook – you can find me here if you want to link up with me!

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