Well, I’ve moved, thanks to four wonderful friends who helped me get through the two days with a lot of ease, fun and relaxation.  On Friday, much time was spent in the local garden centre cafe in between moving boxes, bags and other smaller ‘stuff’ up two flights of stairs and on Saturday, after moving the furniture we retreated to the pub to relax and eat and then after unpacking went off to a local indian for a curry – it has to be the easiest house move I’ve ever done and was certainly the least stressful I’ve encountered.

But now comes the fun part … trying to organise a house warming party … Even getting the date is a nightmare.  I got the first four (those all important four friends) sorted and then trying to sort everyone else out is a logistical nightmare.  Anyway, even if no one else can come, there will be five of us having another nice relaxing evening.  Perhaps that’s not such a bad thing though afterall – perhaps it’s only the most important people, those who have been so supportive over the last few months/years that should be there.  I shall wait and see and let you know if it flops horribly …!

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