I’ve just discovered the secret to staying focussed ….! Yes, really I have!  Yesterday, I spent some time working where I had no internet access at all and as a result didn’t have that really useful facility of “I’ll just go online to see what’s going on” or “I think I’ll just check my email”.  You know the sorts of things we often use as a distraction technique when we what we are doing is avoiding the things we know we actually should be doing … a little like I am now!

Anyway, I now have a working business plan and a cashflow forecast completed – with extensive use of all the excel buttons and tricks to ensure that I can automate as much of it as possible.  So, now all I have to do is to actually enable the brand new shopping cart for The Hysterectomy Association that has been waiting in the wings for the last week or so.   Once that’s done, I’ll be able to stop worrying about the other one, which has been causing my customers so many problems recently.

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