Well, it’s been a few months since I last put a post on the blog and now seems like as good a time as any to start once again feeding the mountain of information that is held by the wonderful, the amazing, the fabulous web!!

When I read that I often wonder what people must make of me – I guess most probably see me as slightly odd, not quite ‘with it’ in the general scale of world politics, economics etc…. Does, that bother me, no, not really.  I like the fact that I think out of the box, that I see a broader view of the world than most and can attribute much of what happens in politics to just someone else’s point of view.

So, here’s my question of the week – the one I’m currently working on as it were:

How come, since we are simply creatures sitting on a rock that is spinning through space, do we think we can actually control the thing we call ‘life’?

If anyone has an answer let me know, although I appreciate that no one is actually reading the words I write.

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