Work life balance

A couple of years ago, my dream was to be able to have a job that allowed me to work between 10.00 and 2.00, with a long lunch break!  Well it’s not quite there, but almost as close as it could be.  I can work wherever I happen to be in the world just as long as I have access to the Internet to deal with emails etc…  I spend most mornings at home sorting out orders, replying to emails and admin tasks and then I have most afternoons free to do as I wish.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how all this came about and I realise that my dream was in fact a powerful message to the universe that this was how I wanted my life to be.  In fact I was indulging in a spot of ‘cosmic ordering’.  Have you come across it yet?  If you haven’t you could try a couple of books out about it – I can highly recommend it as it has obviously worked for me.


I'm always interested in what people think and love having a debate so why don't we have a chat :-)

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