Huge amounts of public money are being thrown at the wall of concern surrounding the impact on society of the breakdown in family structures. Although each independent initiative discussed here performs to an adequate standard in itself, without effective coordination the losers will continue to be the very people at whom this money and effort is targeted.

This report begins by reviewing four landmark studies that indicate a progressive structural breakdown. It goes on to describe a few of the plethora of publicly funded initiatives set up to address the problem. Many of these initiatives overlap or duplicate. In many cases, the initiative is a radical departure from ‘core business’ and with little interaction between organisation’s, training and set-up costs will often be re-inventions of the wheel.  It is to their credit that many have ‘hit the ground running’. The cost however, runs into billions.  Sure Start for example, has been advanced £80 million this year to pilot their scheme in a small number of ‘trailblazer’ areas.

One thought on “What’s contributing to social breakdown?

  1. It’s a shame no polititician will read this! We in the West have so much to learn about family values from the very people we set out to convert to our way of thinking centuaries ago! What scares me though, is where this progressive decline will leave us in ten years time?


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