Have you discovered Cosmic Ordering yet? No, well I first heard about when I was doing the Race for Life for Cancer Research UK (I raised £55.00), as a friend and I walked the 5k course together … I know that means that I am very unfit and I really should be fitter – but we can’t be brilliant at everything now can we?

Cosmic Ordering is a technique used to order up what you want from the universe, a little like being in a cosmic supermarket; hum, I think I’ll take one new house, a little red car, a child’s playpen and a little win on the national lottery today thank you very much …. how much will that cost ….. nothing? oh that’s just wonderful and thank you so much …. yes thank you for shopping at the cosmic supermarket and remember ‘have a nice day now’.

Yes, I know it sounds a bit trite, but I can assure you it works; I’ve been experiencing it in my life for years now, but never really had a name for it. I’ve always had money come in just when I needed it, got the jobs I wanted, salaries I wanted and met the people I wanted.

When I wanted to move to Dorset I needed a job that would allow me to move South, (to pay the mortgage I needed) that would let me work from home for the majority of my time (I wanted to enjoy being in Dorset after all). Low and behold, within a couple of weeks I had applied for a job (which I didn’t get – but they offered me a better paid position instead which fitted my criteria far more accurately). The problem was that I had forgotten to include ‘reduced stress’, ‘nice work colleagues’ and a great coffee bar close by. So I left the ‘perfect job’ after two years and now work from home for myself!

However, having said all that; I did get exactly what I asked for – I’m just a little more discerning these days, because it is true ‘be careful what you wish for as you just may get it’.

If you’d like to try out Cosmic Ordering for yourself, why not get hold of the book that Jonathan Cainer (leading UK astrologer) has written called Cosmic Ordering, it is an excellent read and a great introduction to the opportunities that are available.

2 thoughts on “Cosmic Ordering

  1. Why thank you kind Robin, I appreciate the comment about my Wit – does that mean I’m intelligent as well? (don’t know that my friends would agree with that one, but hey ho never mind – I am happy as I am!)


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