What is this hysterectomy thing?

You may well know by now that I am passionately interested in women’s health, and more specifically about hysterectomy and it’s impact on women’s lives. I have written a couple of books on hysterectomy and if you are desperate to get hold a copy or two, you can simply follow the links at the top of this page. However, these are books that deal with the practical aspects of having a hysterectomy, they don’t really look beyond it at what it is all about – and that’s just what I am begining to do.

I had a hysterectomy when I was 32 years of age, I had it because I suffered from endometriosis, and I didn’t have enough information about it to really make any sort of an informed choice – it just seemed like a good idea at the time! When I think back to it now, although I wouldn’t change having the operation itself, I do have to question whether or not I made the right decision. The reason I question the decision is my growing awareness, and experience, of creating my own reality in life.

What I mean by that is that I am more aware now that I had a choice at the time of my operation; in fact we have choices all the time about everything to do with our lives, but often we don’t exercise them, preferring instead to fix responsibility onto someone or something else. I could choose to be passive and have the hysterectomy, or I could choose (as I have now realised) to understand my own part in my health condition. The latter is a much harder road to take and it isn’t necessarily appropriate for everyone, but I do feel that it was right for me, and I CHOSE to ignore it.

Having said all that, if I hadn’t had a hysterectomy I probably wouldn’t be living in Dorset with my wonderful husband ‘ratbag’; I wouldn’t have the very satisfying and enjoyable work life I have and I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog to you all now. So what I am saying is that the hysterectomy changed my life and not in a negative way – and that, ladies and gentlemen is just where the story begins.

Until tommorow then, with lots of love, much light and tons of laughter


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