Over the last two years I have been on both a personal development and spiritual journey and I have come to know myself much better, but today is the day that it is all put to the test.  Last year my step-daughter got married, and for various reasons I wasn’t invited to the wedding (evil stepmother or what!).  I am aware and accept that I had a part to play in the events that led up to that decision and am happy to take responsibility for that part.  At Christmas I sent a card to her and her husband to say that I was aware that I had played a part and that I was sorry it had ended the way it did.  I also let her know that in one way it had been positive because I had learnt many hard lessons as a result – some that I had been avoiding for years.

Anyway, I haven’t spoken to her or been in communication with since before the wedding which is well over a year ago now – but today she arrives in the village I live in because she is here for my step-son’s 30th birthday celebrations.  I am also going to the same celebrations and am nervous, not to mention a tad apprehensive, about how it is all going to turn out.  I hope I did learn the lessons well last year, and I hope that I am also big enough to put it behind us, but we shall have to wait and see – I am only human after all.

And as for yesterday – when I left my blog I went into town to see a client (counselling) and couldn’t return to my car because a large part of the town was evacuated due to a builder hitting a gas main!  In the end I had a friend pick me up, take me home and went back for the car later.

So back to the plot and psychospiritual counselling – this is what I am currently being trained to do (only got 12 months left of my diploma).  It is the psycho-synthesis approach and aims to merge and integrate many different strands of therapy, but all the time recognising that the person is a whole being and not made up of parts.

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