Publications and Conferences

And just to prove I’m not completely barmy …….


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3 thoughts on “Publications and Conferences

  1. Luigi Fulk says:

    I love blogs like this that let you find others with shared tastes and knowledge. Whilst I don’t always agree with what is said, I find it helpful to be able to inform myself about other opinions and ideas. Your publications and conferences are awesome and I wondered when you might be presenting again somewhere.


    • Esther says:

      hello linda ive sent a small but hopefully it will help datonion to the hysterectomy ass as you have helped me more than anything the city hospital in nottingham ever did with help and advise. i regularly speak with others on the forem our experiences weve had and its so good to share and know everythings going well with each of us. i had my op due to womb cancer and upto now had the all clear from clinic, no further treatment required thankfully so. getting over the op is the worse especially those early days and first weeks. again many thanks for all your hard work and to everyone eles. God Bless maria.


      • Linda says:

        What a lovely thing to do and to say as well Maria and thanks so much for sharing it on my own blog too. I’m so glad that you are recovering and hope that it continues into the future. Hugs, Linda xx


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