The Pocket Guide to Hysterectomy

The Pocket Guide to Hysterectomy is avaiable in the following formats:

Paperback: from the Publishers
pdf eBook: from the publishers

It is exactly what it says it is, a guide to hysterectomy, the menopause and hormone replacement therapy and is perfect for any woman who is considering a hysterectomy.

Contents include:

What a hysterectomy is and how it is done
The gynaecological conditions that might lead to this type of surgery
How a hysterectomy may affect you
The various alternatives to hysterectomy that are available
Recovery after a hysterectomy
The risks associated with hysterectomy
The menopause and its symptoms
Our hormones and how they affect us
Long term conditions associated with the menopause
Hormone replacement therapy and the types available
The side effects of hormone replacement therapy
The main risks associated with hormone replacement therapy
Alternatives to hormone replacement therapy
Complete list of words and what they mean
Lists of support organisations and other resources.

If there is anything you need to know about having a hysterectomy, this book is definitely the starting point.

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