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‘Throng’ is n. – A multitude of persons or of living beings pressing or pressed into a close body or assemblage; a crowd.

Welcome to a new section of this blog which I’m calling The Thursday Throng in honour of the throng that waits eagerly outside the book store when a new author is doing a book signing event or appearance.

This will take the form of a ‘Meet the Author’ online event with some information about our author’s latest book and an interview. If you would like to take part in the Thursday Throng then why not email me to find out more.

Meeting Elaine Day, author of Battle Royal

This week I’d like to introduce Elaine Day, the author of Battle Royal. It is one section of her autobiography. Elaine is also offering the book as a free Kindle download tomorrow, Friday 18th April and Sunday 20th April. Just scroll to the bottom of the interview for the links. Continue reading

An interview and giveaway with Agostino Scafidi, author of The Invisible Papers

This week I’m really pleased to share the Thursday Throng space with Agostino Scafidi who is offering not just a copy of this book, but also a copy ‘The Anchor That Stopped The World’ as well. In order to be in with a chance of winning please just leave a comment at the end of the post here. Continue reading

Meeting Jim Webster, author of Justice 4.1

In this week’s Thursday Throng author interview I have the pleasure of meeting, metaphorically of course, Jim Webster who knows an awful lot about the Tsarina sector, but as he say’s on his blog it’s awfully difficult to get photographs out of it. Continue reading

Meeting Gill Donnell, author of Celebr8 Success

This week it’s the turn of Gill Donnell to meet everyone on the Thursday Throng. Gill is the founder of Unlock Your Daughters, an organisation dedicated to developing the potential of women and girls. Her book Celebr8 Success is aimed at the working mum who wants to combine finding her own path with that of motherhood.

Continue reading

Meeting Tom Nehrer, author of the The Illusion of Truth

Hi everyone. This week it’s the turn of Tom Nehrer, author of ‘The Illusion of Truth: The Real Jesus Behind the Grand Myth‘ to step up to the front and share his thoughts about life, the universe and everything in the Thursday Throng author interview. Continue reading

Welcoming Amy C Fitzjohn and The Bronze Box to the Thursday Throng

This week I’d like to welcome Amy Morse, who writes under the name Amy C Fitzjohn, and her book The Bronze Box to the Thursday Throng author hotseat. Amy is an author, enterprise coach and an entrepreneur – she obviously fits Guy Kawasaki’s model of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur very well indeed. Continue reading

An Interview With Claire Montanaro, author of Spiritual Wisdom

Claire Montanaro is the author of Spiritual Wisdom: Practical spirituality for people today. She is a spiritual teacher, channel, philosopher, blogger and photographer with a passion for wildlife. Her mission is to give knowledge and tools to support and encourage our human spiritual journey. Claire works and writes in the beautiful mountains of Mid-Wales. Continue reading

An interview with MB Feeney, author of Honour

This week, after a short break, I’m really pleased to have on the Thursday Throng author MB Feeney and her short story compilation ‘Honour’. She calls herself an ‘army brat’ who finally settled down in Birmingham. She is currently studying for her BA (Hons) in primary teaching and is a serious doodler and chocoholic.  Her publishing career began with two novellas and is currently writing a novel. Continue reading

Meeting Writer Sarah Hegarty

This is special edition of the Thursday Throng as this time we are meeting another of the winners of the Hysteria Writing Competition, Sarah Hegarty. One lucky winner will also receive a paperback copy of Hysteria 2, the anthology that Sarah story appears in. To be in with a chance of winning just leave your name, email address and comment at the end of this interview. Continue reading

Meeting Charles Frankhauser, author of The Last Pirate at Fort Matanzas

Charles Frankhauser started writing about his life on the road with the big bands, morphed into fiction after a kindly agent advised him otherwise and in amongst his writing has produced The Slushpile Inspector – something many of us might feel a kinship with. His goal in writing fiction is to entertain readers at as reasonable a cost as possible whilst recognizing that status as a “household name in literature” is not likely to happen (his words and not mine!). Hopefully, he’ll get a little more recognition as a result of appearing on the Thursday Throng. Continue reading