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‘Throng’ is n. – A multitude of persons or of living beings pressing or pressed into a close body or assemblage; a crowd.

Welcome to a new section of this blog which I’m calling The Thursday Throng in honour of the throng that waits eagerly outside the book store when a new author is doing a book signing event or appearance.

This will take the form of a ‘Meet the Author’ online event with some information about our author’s latest book and an interview. If you would like to take part in the Thursday Throng then why not email me to find out more.

Meeting Nancy Golinski, author of Exercise Your Way to a Happy Hysterectomy

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while may well know that I also run a women’s health website called The Hysterectomy Association, and that one of my own best selling books is called 101 Handy Hints for a Happy Hysterectomy (yes, really it is!) so how could not embrace Nancy when she got in touch. Her book is so relevant to my audience and it’s so well timed too. Ladies, in particular, I’d like to introduce you all to Nancy ….. Continue reading

Welcoming Josh Rivedal, author of The Gospel According to Josh

Josh Rivedal is the author of The Gospel According to Josh: A 28 Gentile Bar Mitzvah. He always wanted to be a movie star and dreamed of fame and fortune on the Broadway stage. Instead he faced a huge number of setbacks but has finally reinvented himself as a speaker, author, playwright, theatre producer, educator, marketing consultant, and arts entrepreneur.
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Meeting Simon Phillips, author of The Complete Guide to Professional Networking

Simon is a professional and personal development specialist. Based in the UK he regularly speaks at conferences, seminars and events around the world. So far, he’s authored four books: Time Management 24/7, Business Wise, Sustaining Lean Healthcare Programmes and Mastering Time 24/7: how to work less, deliver more and live a Great life! His latest book is called The Complete Guide to Professional Networking and it’s my great pleasure to say hello to him today. Continue reading

Welcoming Chris Reardon, author of Obstacles

This week I’d like to say hello to Chris Reardon a student from Western Michigan University. As well being an author, he’s a musician playing several instruments and a tennis sportsman. He loves the science fantasy genre because it always takes you on a journey. Continue reading

An Interview With Megan Cyrulewski, Author of Who Am I?

Hi everyone, and this week I’d like to introduce Megan Cyrulewski, author of Who Am I? How My Daughter Taught Me to Let Go and Live Again. Megan is a lawyer specialising in mediation services. She is currently working her first novel, a legal thriller.

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Meeting Jake Findi, author of You’re Either a Dreamer or a Millionaire

Hi everyone, this week I’d like you all to welcome Jake Findi. Jake is the author of You’re either a dreamer or a millionaire, a book about how to improve your life and circumstances. His philosophy is to learn something new every day and is always hunting for new opportunities and ideas. In other words, Jake is a self taught entrepreneur. He believes that giving it a shot is the key to success.  Continue reading

An Interview With Scott Shannon, Author of Walking With Jesus

This week I’d like to welcome Scott Shannon onto the Thursday Throng. He’s a Christian pastor, writer and father who is seeking to help people worldwide become authentic Christians. He is the senior pastor for the Worldwide Christian Ministry association, an Internet ministry serving Christians around the world. He has worked as a volunteer pastor for the past 28 years in jails, prisons, nursing homes, homeless shelters, food pantries, and in churches in the United States, Egypt, Morocco, Japan, Peru, and Europe. Continue reading

An Interview With Carol Casada, Author of Westmore: Betrayal

Carol Casada is with me on the Thursday Throng today. She’s the author of the Westmore series and Betrayal is the 5th book. She’s a girl from Virginia who set out on her journey to becoming a writer from Ringgold. She’s now released four other books in the Westmore series and is a fully fledged indie author. Continue reading

Meeting Sean C Sousa, the Author of The Forever Saga: Flash

This week I’d love for you all to welcome Sean C Sousa to the Thursday Throng chair. He is the author The Forever Saga: Flash which was first envisioned as a video game, then a screenplay and finally found it’s voice as a novel. His aim is to change the world, one book at a time, by creating an environment that promotes positive social change. Continue reading