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July Writerly Tidbits

This particular update has been several months coming and I’ve gathered all sorts of news from my Thursday Throng authors along the way. Before we get on to that though, I wanted to let you know that in future I’m going to be doing things slightly differently. Every time I publish a blog post in future it will be sent out as an email to you as well. Continue reading

Meeting Gloria Mattioni, author of Dakota Warrior

 Gloria Mattioni is a reckless woman. We know this because of some of the answers she’s shared in her interview. We also know it because she’s the author of two books – one about James R. Weddell and the other a book about 9 KickAss Women ….! Read on with caution – she might just influence you too. Continue reading

Meeting Maegan Glidden, author of Best Bitches: Guide for navigating complicated female relationships

We all know that having female friends can sometimes be dangerous water to inhabit. After all, as women we can sometimes have high expectations of ourselves on multiple fronts; looks, career, social life, family, friends, children, relationships etc … This week I’m really pleased to introduce Maegan Glidden, the author of Best Bitches, a book that helps you navigate those choppy waters! Continue reading

A Winner A Day: The Foundations for infant Loss Training Inspirational Woman Award – Linda Parkinson-Hardman – The Hysterectomy Association (Dorset 2014)

Linda Parkinson-Hardman:

What a night it was too ….!

Originally posted on Venus Awards:

Linda Parkinson-Hardman at the Dorset 2014 NatWest Venus Awards Finalists Event
Linda Parkinson-Hardman at the Dorset 2014 NatWest Venus Awards Finalists Event

Business Women Awards announced the 2014 winners at the Lighthouse Poole on 11th June.  Hosted by Dan Mills from Heart and Tara Howard, Venus Awards Founder.

Linda Parkinson-Hardman from The Hysterectomy Association won the Dorset 2014 NatWest Venus Awards in Category The Foundations for infant Loss Training Inspirational Woman Award.
The NatWest Venus Awards Dorset Ceremony in association with Breeze Volkswagen was held on the 11th June – Hosted at the state of the art Lighthouse.
The Hysterectomy Association is a social enterprise set up by Linda Parkinson-Hardman in 1997. It was created to provide impartial, timely and appropriate information
and support to women facing a hysterectomy. It now supports almost 2,000,000 women every year.

After Winning the Award Linda gave us her Feedback about the Venus Awards:
The Venus Awards has introduced me to a…

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An interview with Shay West, author of Dangerous Reflections

It’s my great pleasure to introduce Shay West on today’s Thursday Throng author interview. Shay has a doctorate degree in Human Medical Genetics from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO. And when she isn’t writing she’s teaching biology classes at  Colorado Mesa University. She is a passionate scientist and loves magic and fantasy. Continue reading

Meeting Joanna Kane and Seb Adams, co authors of The Suited Hippy

Well, what can I say, today we have not one but two fabulous authors on the Thursday throng and I’m really pleased to introduce Joanna Kane and Seb Adams co-authors of The Suited Hippy and the Stress Junkie. I also just need to mention that last night Joanna also won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Venus Awards Dorset – congratulations Joanna. Continue reading

An Interview with AJ Martinez, author of Scarlet Quest

AJ Martinez is the author visiting with me on today’s Thursday Throng author interview. AJ is based in Connecticut USA and his aim “to write fantasy stories that will make one soar with the wings of Icarus. To write heart pounding stories to make one wish that the pages will never end.” Continue reading

Meeting Henry Howarth, author of Learn How To Solve Cryptic Crosswords

This week I’d like to welcome someone a little different to our Thursday Throng author interview. Henry Howarth has been interested in cryptic crosswords since he was a child and has finally put his years of experience to great use by writing the ultimate guide to how you go about solving them. Henry’s book is a beginner’s course called Learn How to Solve Cryptic Crosswords.

Continue reading